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Kates recalls his recovery after accident

Brenda Echeverria, Arts & Rec Editor

September 17, 2018

While visiting his daughter Lucy at University of Oklahoma in November 2017, Dr. James Kates heard an engine revving as he crossed the parking lot to his daughter’s apartment. He looked over in time to see a Jeep Liberty barrelling toward him and was hit by the passenger side of the front bumper. He di...

UW-W student killed in car accident Wednesday

March 6, 2014

  By Samantha Jacquest March 6, 2014   A 19-year-old UW-Whitewater student was killed in a car accident on South 59 Highway near East Gould Road, according to a Rock County Sheriff's press release. Teagan Nolan, a freshman from Milton, was driving eastbound in a Chevrolet Lumina...

Student hit by car on Main Street

March 2, 2011

A UW-Whitewater student was struck by a car at the intersection of Main Street and Whiton Street Tuesday afternoon. Senior Chris ONeil said he was crossing Main Street at the Whiton Street crosswalk when he was “nudged” by the vehicle. “The car came up [and] sort of nudged me,” he said. ...

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