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Debate between political orgs held before primary

Debate between political orgs held before primary

April 6, 2016

By Maddy Scheel April 6, 2016 The Young Americans for Liberty, College Democrats and the College Republicans gathered on March 30 in Timmerman Auditorium for the second Whitewater political debate. The debate consisted of three topics: gun control, conflict in the Middle East and wealth and inequality. The even...

Let’s keep Wisconsin moving forward

October 2, 2014

Oct. 1 2014 The upcoming gubernatorial election presents two very different candidates and two very different paths for Wisconsin.  Through Governor Walker’s bold reforms and willingness to choose what is right over what is easy, our state has made a comeback. From eliminating a $3.6 billion budget...

UW-W College Republicans comment on Burke’s plagiarism

September 25, 2014

Are students being held to a higher standard than a candidate for Governor? [Whitewater, WI] – On Friday, Buzzfeed first reported that Mary Burke, democratic candidate for Governor, plagiarized several parts of her jobs plan. UW-Whitewater College Republicans, Chairman, Allison Strauel released...

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