Royal Purple

This gray tree frog recently emerged from hibernation on Chris Hardie’s farm.

A surprise spring lesson

Chris Hardie, Journalist April 30, 2023

I’m putting the blame squarely on Mother Nature’s shoulders, but it’s happening again this year, despite my best efforts to prevent it. This gray tree frog recently emerged from hibernation on...

Little Creek during the last few hours of winter. The stream is fed by dozens of springs along the valley on Chris Hardie’s farm. (Chris Hardie photo)

More winter storm memories

Chris Hardie, Contributer April 24, 2023

Can anyone honestly say they are really surprised that Old Man Winter isn’t quite done? As of this writing on the morning of April 17, there are 14 inches of snow outside driven by a strong northwest...

Cecile Hardie, Chris Hardie’s grandmother, had a pot of coffee going on the stove.

Late season snow memories

Chris Hardie, Contributor April 9, 2023

Late season snow storms always take me back to March 24, 1979 in the tiny town of Franklin in Jackson County. My feet were wet, and I was beginning to shiver as the three of us stood at the dark back door...

Chris Hardie has moved plenty of snow this winter with his snowblower.

Officially sick of winter

Chris Hardie, Contributor March 19, 2023

Being Wisconsin born and raised on a farm, I can honestly say that I’ve dealt with much of the worst that winter can offer. I have cut wood in snow up to my waist, pounded on frozen manure spreader...

The road signs of spring

The road signs of spring

Chris Hardie, Journalist March 13, 2023

The classic harbingers of spring are the return of the robins, the maple sap run or the first blooms to sprout from the thawing earth. But sometimes the signs of spring are actual signs of spring –...

Icicles form on a bush.

A tale of ice

Chris Hardie, Contributor March 5, 2023

While politicians and others way above my station and pay grade continue to debate, expound upon and expunge homosapien influence on the stratosphere, one thing I know for sure. The winter weather has...

Chris Hardie’s livestock were included in the 2022 Census of the Agriculture.

Agriculture censuses tell story

Chris Hardie, Journalist February 6, 2023

I have completed my quinquennial agricultural legal reporting duties with a week to spare. My 2022 Census of Agriculture – with a deadline of Feb. 6 – is in the books, a mandatory reporting requirement...

Chris Hardie

Hearing from a Hardie lookalike

Chris Hardie, Journalist January 30, 2023

There are quite a few Chris Hardie’s in the world – or at least a few others that share the same name. Years ago when social media was new, I sought a few out and we exchanged some messages. But...

A deer crash caused more than $6,000 in damage to Chris Hardie’s car. The insurance company says it’s not worth that much, so it’s a total wreck.

Deer crash brings collateral damage

Chris Hardie, Journalist January 22, 2023

I don’t play the lottery and don’t frequent casinos, but if I were a betting man, I’d lay odds that sometime in the next few years I will be involved in a deer-vehicle collision. A deer crash...

Chris Hardie takes a sip from the top of his grandfather’s Thermos during the opening day of the 2021 gun deer hunt.

Learning lessons from hunting

November 20, 2022

Life is measured by the passage of time and the season of deer hunting gives me plenty of moments to reflect on past memories. This is my 47th year of gun deer hunting and there is no place I’d rather...

Beetles come into contact with spray and then die in the window sill.

Ladies and gentlemen…the beetles

Chris Hardie, Journalist October 30, 2022

It’s as certain as the trees changing colors and the inevitable decline towards winter – the annual invasion of the Asian lady beetles. A warm day after the first hard frost is usually when the...

Goldenrod and more bridges

Goldenrod and more bridges

Chris Hardie, Contributor September 11, 2022

It’s tempting to proclaim the lawn and garden season over as we creep closer to fall, but the work remains even after the growing season ends. Certain chores have already been suspended – like weeding...

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