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Royal Purple

The drawdown of Cravath Lake will freeze invasive plants this winter so that they wont return come spring.

Lakes drawdown aims to freeze out invasive plants

Kylie Jacobs, Managing Editor December 13, 2020

Whitewater residents remember a time of beaches near the dam of Tripp Lake, along with a small floating dock accompanied by a slide. These same residents remember that the lake was also deep enough to...

A woman practices and watches the sun rise over Cravath Lake during the morning yoga class.

Yoga, chai tea and the sunrise

Katelyn Black, Lifestyle Editor September 16, 2019

Combining sunrises, hot chai tea and yoga sounds like a dream for any morning person. And it was exactly this idea that led long-time yoga instructor Brienne Diebolt-Brown to create Sunrise Yoga. The...

Witches of Whitewater: The truth behind the legend

October 30, 2013

  By Emma Cunningham   You’ve probably heard the horror stories or seen the eerie movie trailer about the infamous “Witches of Whitewater.” Although it is hard to say what is true...

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