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Whitewater loses an icon: Kachel a ‘giant’ in the community

February 10, 2011

David Kachel’s lasting impact on the community stretches much farther than UW-Whitewater. The self-described “small-town businessman” found DLK Enterprises in 1957. Beginning with the Hawk Bowl in 1959, the company now own 24 apartment complexes in the city, according to the company’s website. A resident of Whitewa...

Whitewater loses an icon: Kachel was key asset to campus development

February 10, 2011

As buildings and different aspects of campus are upgraded, some may wonder where the money comes from to construct such things during tough economical times. While state and national governments face massive debts, UW-Whitewater is still able to improve the looks and functions of its campus. Without the help of David ...

Whitewater loses an icon: Kachel donated millions of dollars to the athletic department over the years

February 9, 2011

To some, David Kachel was known for the millions of dollars he donated to the UW-Whitewater Athletic Department for more than half a century. Words like rich, powerful and wealthy probably filled the minds of the outside population. But to those who were closest to him, it went much deeper....

Founded 1901
David Kachel