Royal Purple

Five Times the Jazz

From left to right - Mark Siegenthaler, Michael Hackett, Matt Sintchak, Brad Townsend, Nick Zielinski.

Danielle Kronau, Assistant Arts & Rec Editor

November 4, 2019

It was a big turnout for the concert as the performers were greeted with a loud round of applause from the audience as they walked out on stage to their instruments. The performers were faculty members consisting of a saxophonist, trumpet player, drummer, cellist and pianist. Each member had their own...

Senior readies for recital

Senior readies for recital

October 2, 2013

Tom Johnstone┬áperforms, composes and arranges music: By Nat Edson   Tom Johnstone is a senior set to graduate in May next year. As part of his degree, he will perform a student recital, a program he put together and will perform on the trombone. Johnstone is returning to college and s...

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