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Hunger, homelessness a student concern

Hunger, homelessness a student concern

February 18, 2019

Imagine trying to focus your attention on writing a research paper if you have not eaten for a day or more. Roughly half of American college students face food insecurity while trying to obtain their undergraduate degree. Not only are students facing food insecurity, but in some situations they fa...

Thumbs up to campus food pantry initiative

White Hall, located along Starin Road by the Visitor Center, will soon be home to a food pantry. The initiative will help prevent food insecurity and will be open for students to drop off or pick up food items as needed.

Royal Purple, Editorial Staff Opinion

March 18, 2018

When thinking of hunger and who it impacts most, our minds often drift to populations who are more vulnerable – children, the elderly, those living below the poverty line. As a society, we often forget about another population that might be unsure of where their next meal is coming from – that ...

How to buy happiness

October 30, 2013

Spending money on others benefits community, self Abbie Reetz In one of my classes last week, we spent a day talking about things you can do to  make yourself happier and relieve stress. As part of this particular lecture, we watched a TED Talk about how money can buy you happiness. The presentation was given by Michael Norton, associate professor of Busin...

Whitewater walks to help the hungry

September 26, 2012

The Christian Rural Overseas Program Hunger Walk offers an easy way to help people around the world by taking a stroll through Whitewater. The CROP Hunger Walk, an event on Oct. 7, is organized by several community churches to raise money for the local food pantry and those in need all over the world. This...

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