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A writer’s advice: how to beat writer’s block

November 17, 2015

Commentary by Jalen Cole Nov. 17, 2015 Don’t you just hate when you’re writing a paper and you get stuck on a sentence? This can be caused by two things: One, you didn’t prepare properly before writing the paper, or, two, there’s a thought in your head that you can’t put into words. If you’r...

What’s Going Wrong in Greenbay?

November 16, 2015

Commentary by Jalen Cole Nov. 16, 2015 Are the Green Bay Packers really an elite team? That is one of the questions that hasn’t really been answered at all this season. Despite a 6-2 record, the Green Bay Packers have struggled on the offensive side of the ball, and the defensive side of the...

Family ties are stronger than adversity

November 3, 2015

Commentary by Jalen Cole Nov. 3, 2015 When I was a little kid, I was too young to know why my father and I always spent the night at his friend’s house. You may look at me as just another college student, but you’d never know that I was once homeless in my life. Yes, it’s true; my closest frien...

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