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21 & Over: How alcohol was THIS CLOSE to ruining Christmas

Kate Larson, Staff Writer

December 14, 2016

Congratulations, we are almost to the end of the semester. Soon we’ll be on winter break and will be able to kick back with our families and celebrate the holidays. There are a ton of Christmas movies featuring people like us who accidentally almost ruin Christmas with their crazy antics. Believe...

21 & Over: Your beer guide

Kate Larson

November 30, 2016

We’ve all been there. You’re staring at the tap along the bar, wondering what in the world you’re looking at. Your choice of beer matters because you are a college student, and getting a beer normally means spending money. Although hundreds of different brews exist, according to Primer Magazine’s...

21 and Over: Veteran’s day historical drinks

Kate Larson, Staff Writer

November 10, 2016

Veteran’s Day not only marks the anniversary of the end of World War I, but it also lands on a Friday this year. This gives everyone in Whitewater the opportunity to honor veterans in their lives this weekend. To all Veterans, thank you for your service. Here are a few common drinks, with a surpr...

DIY Patriotic Drinks for Election

Kate Larson, Staff Writer

November 2, 2016

It’s been a hot campaign for presidency this election. The stage is set for a winner to be elected Let’s get together and simmer down with a (berry) patriotic cocktail. Stars 1 part vodka 1 part triple sec 2 parts blue curacao Top off with lemon-lime soda Fill a pint glass with ice. Add t...

21 & Over: How to throw a party responsibly

Kate Larson, Staff Writer

October 19, 2016

Homecoming is the time for football, house parties and showing alumni how we do it in 2016.  If you plan on throwing a party that involves alcohol, you won’t want any trouble with the police. According to the Whitewater Police Department and the Wisconsin State Legislature, here are some ways to ...

21 & over: Help on your hangover

Kate Larson, Staff Writer

October 12, 2016

Graphic by Carlie Sue Herrick, graphics editor Your head is pounding, you feel shaky, and you may or may not throw up any second here. You went out last night and are experiencing an intense hangover. According to Mayo Clinic, when you have a hangover, your body is actually experiencing a withdraw...

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