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Mumps cases on campus double

November 4, 2015

By Sidney Birkett Nov. 4, 2015   The current number of mumps cases has increased with six new cases, bringing the number to 12 confirmed cases on campus. The last confirmed case was on Oct. 23. At the moment, there are no pending cases. This means there is no one that has been tested and is await...

He vs. She: Are sexy Halloween costumes awesome or ridiculous?

He vs. She: Are sexy Halloween costumes awesome or ridiculous?

October 28, 2015

  He Oct. 25, 2015 How can I put this without being labeled a misogynist? If you’re dressed as a Disney Princess but look a little more like an exotic dancer, chances are I’m going to notice. Short skirts and low-cut tops are like magnets for most male eyeballs (we’re not always ...

Health service fails student population

October 6, 2015

Commentary by Savana Staggs Oct. 6, 2015 Many students on campus are well-aware: Whitewater is a breeding ground for ailments. With thousands of students coming together at the beginning of the semester, germs are passed around, shared and are infecting hundreds. I, like many, was a victim of thes...

Prevent mumps on campus; get vaccinated

October 6, 2015

Royal Purple Staff Opinion Oct. 6, 2015 After six cases of mumps were confirmed on UW-Whitewater’s campus, it’s time for us to make a point about vaccinations: Getting yourself and your children vaccinated is a civic responsibility, not a personal choice. It ought to be required across the country t...

Mumps cases confirmed on UW-W campus

September 30, 2015

*Editor's Note: Story has been updated for the October 7, 2015 issue of the Royal Purple. The original story will remain published below the update. October 7, 2015   Four new cases of mumps were reported on campus as of Oct. 5, bringing the total number of cases up to six. The first t...

Anti-vaccination agenda harmful for everyone

Graphic by Alyssa Miles

April 16, 2014

April 16, 2014 Royal Purple Editorial Staff Opinion Before Jonas Salk introduced his polio vaccine in 1955, more than 35,000 children contracted the polio virus in the United States annually. Yet by 1957, only 2,500 children were diagnosed with the disease, according to the United States Centers...

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