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Protesters should remain cautious at Trump event

March 29, 2016

March 29, 2016 When I first heard the news a week ago that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was scheduled to make an appearance in my hometown of Janesville on March 29, I was surprised. Without getting into politics, I thought it was interesting that not only Donald Trump, but also Te...

Outside the wire: Cavalry Scout on a mission to inspire others through wellness and fitness

Amber Levenhagen Photo

November 13, 2014

Nov. 12, 2014 By Vesna Brajkovic At first glance, Thomas Slaten looks like a typical college student: casual and relaxed, sporting a hoodie and sweats. The only thing that could possibly give him away is his standard military cut. Enlisted at 17 and deployed to Iraq by 19, junior Thomas “Tom”...

Kazprzak displays dedication on, off track

May 4, 2011

As the stresses of finals steadily raise our blood pressure, it can be easy to lose perspective of what truly matters in life. To senior distance runner Samantha Kasprzak, life is much more than a stressful exam week and an intense track and field season. A member of the U.S. National Guard, Kasprza...

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