Royal Purple

Trip down memory lane

Brenda Echeverria, Arts & Rec Editor

December 13, 2017

There are very few times when Old Main is mentioned on campus. For many students, their only time hearing its mention is during a campus tour. However, 47 years ago Old Main was at the heart of campus life at UW-Whitewater before it went up in flames in 1970. To recognize Whitewater’s rich and slightl...

Whitewater… Then and now: UW-Whitewater campus in the 1960s

An old photo of the East Wing entrance of Old Main, now known as Hyer Hall, held up to the current building entrance.

October 2, 2014

Oct. 1, 2014 By Vesna Brajkovic UW-Whitewater is ever-expanding with new construction plans popping up at every reach of campus. Each year, students encounter gradual changes as the student body expands and buildings, facilities and grounds become outdated. This historical campus, founded in 1868,...

History recalled

Archived Royal Purple article

October 15, 2013

Faculty and staff members, past and present, remember the day UW-Whitewater’s most historic landmark went up in flames   By Kayla Edgar   The building that represents UW-Whitewater on numerous pennants, notebooks and campus memorabilia is not just a building, but a historical...

Founded 1901
Old Main