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Royal Purple

Anti-abortion messages spark student protest

photo by Brad Allen

Brad Allen, Assistant Copy Editor

September 19, 2018

Scores of students stopped outside the University Center Sept. 19 to converse with a group of anti-abortion activists representing Abolish Abortion Wisconsin, who came to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater campus to present pro-life arguments. The assembly grew in size as many students were offended by the graphic images on di...

You have a right to sit, stand or kneel

You have a right to sit, stand or kneel

Royal Purple, Editorial Staff

September 26, 2017

People are taking a stand by not standing. When at least 200 NFL players knelt, locked arms or neglected to appear during the National Anthem at all, they were protesting President Donald Trump's comments on being punished or fired if they choose not to  stand for the National Anthem. The Pitts...

Death to female journalists: a reporter’s perspective

April 5, 2016

April 5, 2016 I’m not a political writer, but as a photographer and journalist I was still excited to cover the Donald Trump rally when he made a stop in Janesville last week. I knew it was going to be an experience, especially when I received phone calls from family and friends who warned me t...

Trump still entitled to freedom of speech

March 29, 2016

Royal Purple Staff Opinion March 29, 2016 Donald Trump is scheduled to roll through Janesville on Tuesday afternoon and following suit with his previous rallies around the country, protests against the billionaire real estate tycoon are set to take place in response. As of Monday morning, a Facebo...

Students support the citizen protesters in Venezuela

Students support the citizen protesters in Venezuela

February 26, 2014

Feb. 26   By Vesna Brajkovic   The unrest in Venezuela led one UW-Whitewater student organization to shed light on the student protests that broke out this month. Students protesting on the streets of Venezuela have been demanding better security, an end to goods shortages and...

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