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Living under an ‘umbrella’

October 2, 2013

UW-Whitewater students describe what it’s like living with a unique gender identity By Emma Cunningham   Most college students get used to filling out endless forms and applications that typically have a box to check if you are “male” or “female.” But what if you weren’t sur...

Proactivite approach needed for accessibility

Junior Rachel Nepper navigates the snowy sidewalk  in front of Roseman Hall in her wheelchair.

February 27, 2013

UW-Whitewater has long been known as one of the most accessible campuses in Wisconsin. It is known for taking strides to accommodate all students, regardless of impairments. While our university prides itself on being particularly accessible to students with various impairments, there are many areas...

Scholar presents identity issues to faculty


January 30, 2013

  Intersectionality means to recognize a person as having multiple identities. It is a way to describe someone without over-simplifying or neutralizing one’s identities. That is the definition given by Dr. Kristen Renn, an international scholar and professor in the Michigan State University...

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Rachel Nepper