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Voting is a crucial part of our democracy

Voting is a crucial part of our democracy

Royal Purple Editorial Staff, Royal Purple Editorial Staff

February 26, 2018

Casting a ballot during elections -- whether that’s at local, state or federal level -- is a vital duty all citizens share to help uphold our nation’s democracy. Last week, Wisconsin voters hit the polls Feb. 20 for the State Supreme Court primary election to advance candidates Michael Screnock ...

GOP tax bill will burden lower and middle class families

Royal Purple Editorial Staff, Staff

December 7, 2017

 The tax plan that passed through the U.S. Senate last Saturday will not save American citizens an extra $4,000, as promised. Instead it will cost many of us in the long-run through increasing taxes on middle-class Americans and adding $1.4 trillion to the national debt. Meanwhile massive corporations will receive...

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