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New development to replace historic trees and home

A construction crew member works to take down the former Olsen Funeral Home on Oct. 19, one day after two trees that inspired a student-made petition were cut down. A bur oak still stands behind the house. Once fully demolished, Campus Edge Apartments will be built on the property in its place. Photo Kimberly Wethal

October 20, 2015

Online petition creates buzz over tree removal By Vesna Brajkovic Oct. 20, 2015 Two maple trees that garnered a lot of attention this past week were taken down in the middle of the night last Saturday, marking the start of the development of a nine-unit townhouse to replace the old Olsen Funeral Home o...

A Whitewater Undertaking: The history and future of the Olsen Funeral Home

October 29, 2014

Oct. 29, 2014 By Vesna Brajkovic On the corner of Prince and Main streets, sits a 141-year-old Italianate house that made its way into a family business โ€“ one that lends itself to a scene of a scary movie. If the long circular driveway โ€“ now cracked and covered in fallen leaves โ€“ or the...

Founded 1901
Ryan Hughes