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Crafting helps warm the chill

Crafting helps warm the chill

November 11, 2015

By Melissa Loerke Nov. 11, 2015 Whether cuddling up with hot cocoa and studying for finals or Netflix and chilling, a warm blanket is what you’re going to need to keep the chill of the upcoming winter away. Instead of buying a blanket, you can make one. This craft is rather simple and only ...

Hot date doesn’t have to burn wallet

Hot date doesn't have to burn wallet

September 30, 2015

By Jordan Moser Staff Writer So, you’ve just worked up the courage and asked your cute lab partner out to dinner, and to your surprise, they accept. While the better portion of the next 24 hours could be spent sitting in your room, wondering how on earth your cheesy proposal actually worked, you re...

Off-campus does not have to mean off-budget

Off-campus does not have to mean off-budget

September 3, 2015

Save the Piggy Bank By Ashley McCallum Lifestyle Editor The lease is signed. You have reassured your landlord  you know when garbage day is and you understand “no pets” does include small hamsters. The keys are in your hands. Congratulations, you have officially moved off campus and probably ...

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