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Letter to the Editor: Prevent sexual assualt; practice restraint

March 4, 2015

March 4, 2015 In her hit song “Timber,” music artist Kesha suggests to her male counterpart that they “make a night you won’t remember,” since she will be “the one you won’t forget.” For his part, he speculates that “she say [sic] she won’t, but I bet she will.” That lyrical...

Letter to the Editor: UW-W administration should be ashamed

February 25, 2015

Feb. 25, 2015 The now closed sexual assault case has shed new light upon UW-Whitewater and its practices. Not the whole college party scene but rather the Athletic Department. Here at UW-W it is no joke that athletics are taken very seriously, after all we are the D3 Champions right? Football, Basketball,...

The truth about UW-W and sexual assaults

October 16, 2014

Oct. 15 2014 In the National College Health Assessment at UW-Whitewater done in Spring 2013, 39.3% of the respondents said they never received information from our university about sexual assault/relationship violence prevention.  This is rather concerning since in 2013, 14 forcible sex offenses...

Transparency necessary in UW-W investigation

Transparency necessary in UW-W investigation

May 7, 2014

May 7, 2014 Royal Purple Editorial Staff Opinion On Thursday, May 1, the Department of Education released a list of 55 schools that are being investigated on a federal level for the mishandling of sexual violence and sexual harassment claims. There were 4,706 higher education institutions in the...

Events promote sexual assault awareness

Events promote sexual assault awareness

April 3, 2013

  If you wear skinny jeans, you cannot be raped. That is the message that was sent by Australian courts in 2010 and South Korean courts in 2008. In both countries, two men were not charged with rape, on the basis that the women involved were wearing skinny jeans that were impossible to remove...

Police wear denim to raise awareness

April 25, 2012

UW-Whitewater students and staff can donate jeans and other denim apparel today and throughout the month in acknowledgment of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The university police department is working with University Health and Counseling Services to sponsor activities and fundraising in support...

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