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Present-day society calls for better cyberbullying awareness

October 23, 2014

Oct. 22 2014 By Michael Riley If you give a teenager a handgun, a box of matches and a smart phone, the potential to do more harm with the first two is obvious, but maybe not so much with the third option. More than half of adolescents and teens have been bullied online, and approximately the...

Emoticons make texting “OK :D”, not “>:(”

Emoticons make texting “OK :D”, not “>:(”

September 11, 2014

Sept. 10 2014 Royal Purple Editorial Staff Opinion We’ve all been in that position before: You send someone a text; they reply with nothing but a blunt “Ok”—two treacherous letters that glare out at you and make you wonder just what the sender meant by them. Was it a neutral “ok?”...

He Said/She Said: Lately my boyfriend’s been acting strange, so when he left his room the other night, I looked at his cell phone. There were tons of flirty text messages from some girl who I’ve never heard of before. When I confronted my boyfriend, he got mad at me for looking at his cell phone. Now what do I do?

April 20, 2011

He Said You think you were justified in searching his phone, but why would you do it? Is it because you are scared?Untrusting? Nervous? Didn’t you get the answer you were looking for? As a wise man once told me “don’t ask questions that you don’t want to know the honest answer to;” basically, if you don’t want to know the answer then don’...

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