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Automobile accident on the corner of Starin and Tratt

Automobile accident on the corner of Starin and Tratt

February 26, 2013

A driver with a medical condition struck a parked vehicle Tuesday morning on the corner of Tratt and Starin streets in Whitewater, Police Department Capt. Brian Uhl said. At 9:30 a.m., police and an ambulance had reported to the scene, where the vehicle had landed near an apartment building. The red...

Small plane crash in Racine County

September 9, 2012

Around noon today, a small plane crashed into a garage in Racine County according to an eyewitness. The crash took place in Kansasville, Wis., near Eagle Lake Manor. Kansasville is approximately an hour from Whitewater. Police authorities and the fire department have arrived on the scene. No further details are available at this time....

Both sides of recall should be able to speak freely

April 25, 2012

As the state’s political tensions turn to a boil, it’s important that everyone’s right to express political views is respected by both sides of the aisle. On March 15, a custodian at Whitewater High School was sent home because of complaints from faculty that she had a bumper sticker on her...

My secret to keeping sane

April 25, 2012

I love to be busy. All through out high school and even now, I pack my schedule to full capacity. I do this for many reasons. For one, I was taught at a young age the importance of involvement and activity. To this day, I see value in staying busy and taking part in activities outside of the classroom. Yet...

Judgment on Walker should wait until 2014

April 5, 2012

The recall against Gov. Scott Walker has some of Wisconsin’s and America’s core principles at stake. When you elect an official, you’re stuck with them. Sometimes it’s a harsh and unfortunate truth.However, some citizens of the state of Wisconsin have pushed for another election for governor,...

Students should accept gender diversity on campus

March 7, 2012

Growing up, we were taught there are two kinds of genders: boys and girls. It made sense, the two anatomical sexes of male and female coincided with the genders succinctly, and we followed this information obediently, not ever questioning it. But being taught that was incorrect—at least partially...

A reminder to our readers

February 8, 2012

If there’s one thing I’ve been working on this semester, it’s having tougher skin. But when it comes to the Royal Purple, I tend to take things straight to heart. Last semester, an anonymously critiqued paper was slipped under our office door filled front to back with hand-written notes and corr...

University must work towards parking reform

February 8, 2012

With UW-Whitewater faculty champing at the bit to have their own parking lot, it is evident that now is the time for the university to address its parking problem. It’s a problem that has been present at this campus for far too long and both faculty and students would like to see some changes. For...

A thank you for listening

February 8, 2012

Dear Mr. Frank Bartlett: I would like to thank you for responding to my article, “Making UW-W More Accessible to Everyone,” published in the October 12, 2011 issue of “The Royal Purple.”  As a result of your proactive response, the HawkCard Purple Points machine in the laundry room of ...

New voter ID bill is great for all Wisconsin voters

November 9, 2011

The state legislature recently passed a bill that will require all registered voters to present a photo I.D. at the polls. The bill also says that voters cannot register on election day but instead must do so ahead of time. While the Republican-led Capitol passed this bill, it has taken a lot of heat...

University must help gun owners store weapons

October 12, 2011

As of Nov. 1, Wisconsin will enact its concealed weapons law. While guns will be allowed on campus, they will not be allowed in campus buildings or city buildings. Signage will be posted on all buildings explaining that guns are prohibited inside. This new revision will undoubtedly raise a few questions....

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