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Ed Karrel’s story of Pi

Ed Karrel’s story of Pi

April 1, 2015

April 01, 2015 By Rumasa Noor From becoming Google’s 56th employee to calculating pi to its ten quadrillionth digit, Ed Karrels has achieved quite a bit in his life. UW-Whitewater’s Office of Innovation Services invited the UW-Oshkosh alumnus as a part of the Elements of Success Seminar...

Waldorf school system shouldn’t neglect teaching with technology

October 26, 2011

An article by Matt Richtel in the New York Times said about 160 schools in the Waldorf system around the country are preaching physical activity and hands-on learning. These schools also ban technology in the classroom. The 160 schools don’t make students whittle their own pencils by candlelight, but...

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