Get to know UW-W Greeks

Jacalyn Scott, president of Alpha Sigma Sorority and Jorge Quintana Medel, president of Lambda Theta Phi Fraternity, answer questions about their Greek organizations and their time as members.

Royal Purple: What is your biggest philanthropy event?

Scott: We sponsor Relay for Life here on campus.


Quintana Medel: American Heart Association Nickel Drive


RP: What sets your organization apart from others on campus?

Scott: We are a local sorority.

Quintana Medel: The fact we give an option to individuals on campus by allowing them to experience a rooted and cultural fraternity.


RP: What is the worst Greek stereotype your organization has been accussed of?

Scott: All Sigma and sorority women as a whole are catty and rude, and my response to that is we are women who stand for friendship, purity and sisterhood by helping others, and there’s a lot more to each individual sorority woman than you would see on one of their bad days.

Quintana Medel: Worst Greek stereotype about our fraternity would be that we’re all Mexicans in our fraternity, that we’re all thugs.


RP: What is the best part about Greek life?

Scott: Not only do I have 85 amazing sisters, I have 500 people in the Greek network I can always seek help from or get advise from.

Quintana Medel: The ability to meet so many people from diverse cultures and to know that they all value their fraternity/sorority in their own individual way.