On campus jobs beneficial for students


There it is, that thing you don’t want to talk about. You’re too busy having fun in college to worry about it, yet there it is. You don’t want to deal with it, yet you need it:
A job.
Whether it’s for food, gas, clothes, laundry or anything else, students need money. While financial aid can cover these expenses, not all students wish to increase their debt. All students and parents of students face that situation. Do you take more financial aid now and worry about the debt later, or do you accept less financial aid, and spend more time working while going to school? For some students, accepting more financial aid and paying it back later is not an option. So these students need a job.
Now the question is: where can students work? The answer is on campus.
Students need to keep several things in mind when looking for a job. Specifically, students need flexibility. Class schedules change from semester to semester, and students need a job that can be flexible with these changes. Most, if not all, jobs on campus are capable and happy to work with students to give them some hours on the job, while still accommodating the students’ schedule.
There are numerous jobs on campus. Food service, peer mentoring and clerical work are few of the jobs offered at UW-Whitewater. Each job offers training for those who have no experience in that particular.
The skills a student picks up at these jobs will be carried with them throughout the rest of their lives. A student’s resume will increase in value from the jobs he or she takes while in school as well. He or she will gain several references and work experience that will benefit students when they are in the real world looking for a job. The resume of a student who is taking a sociology major or minor will benefit from working in a peer mentor group, for example.
Another benefit of working on campus is socializing with peers and mentors. Most students who go to class are specifically there to learn. Socializing doesn’t take precedence unless the class requires it. For a job, however, communication and teamwork are requirements.
Through this, a student will meet people from all walks of life. Students from separate departments who may have never met otherwise can become friends while working together.
Yet these jobs might not have the best pay compared to a job found off campus. For most students, money is always tight. Therefore, the more money a student can get in the shortest amount of time is always better.
For students who are commuters, jobs on campus can be a difficult task. Bad weather and the time and cost spent driving to and from work can make a job on campus look less appealing. For some, the gas alone can cost more than what a student is paid to work. For these students it’s wiser to find a job in his or her hometown.
Internships are another factor for students. Time spent at an internship has all the benefits of a job on campus, in addition to allowing the student to work in the field he or she is studying. If a student is lucky, he or she can find an internship that pays as well, therefore making a job on or off campus a moot point.
From the University Center to the Anderson Library, from the bookstore to the William Center, UW-Whitewater offers a variety of jobs. Students should always keep his or her eyes and ears open for every opportunity to learn and grow. A job on campus  gives students a plethora of benefits, including experience, friends and a better resume. Finding a job on campus is an opportunity no student should pass over.
Students looking for job opportunities can visit the Career & Leadership Development office located in the University Center or create a profile on Hawk Jobs to browse available job positions.

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