“Studio 84” host public workshop inspired by work of Poe

Studio 84 was started by current directors, Katherine Fincutter and Deborah Blackwell, who are both UW-Whitewater alumnae.

Studio 84 is collaborating with the Young Auditorium’s Edgar Allan Poe poetry reading event by holding a workshop, from 12 – 4 p.m. on Saturday, that involves creating mono prints relating to Poe’s work.

Poe is most-known for works such as “The Raven,” “The Tell-Tale Heart” and “The Fall of the House of Usher.” The dark poetry is the perfect foundation for artistic creativity in its unique and often disturbing tales.

A mono print is created out of an image of glass and is unlike other prints where the artist will make multiples of the same design; only a singular print can be made off one template. Rarely does the first print turn out nicely because the colors can mix and blotch or the ink does not transfer properly. The purpose of the workshop is to have an imperfect and often dark finished project, which resembles Poe’s grim tales.

“We will take as many people as can be fitted into our room,” Blackwell said.

Any of Poe’s poems or short stories may be used for the workshop, and participants are encouraged to bring their favorite works.

“This is the first time that the idea of an Edgar Allen Poe inspired workshop has ever been tried at Studio 84,” Blackwell said. “However, similar events have been put on and the turn-out was always very promising.”

Studio 84 is a non-profit art center that provides experiences in the visual arts, theater, dance and music for the community. The center specializes in working with people who have physical and cognitive limitations, and it focuses on creating an environment of inclusion. It’s located close to campus at 121 W. Center St.