‘Warhawks Unite’ for Homecoming


By Jacqueline Schaefer


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Whitewater’s 2013 Hero-themed Homecoming.  It celebrates superheroes, favorite storybook heroes and everyday heroes.

The biggest difference from last year is a procedural change for the Residence Halls. Typically, each hall would have to participate in any four events it chooses. This year, the halls had a choice between attending Boxes & Walls and participating in Homecoming.

“There’s been a huge decline in the number of events res halls are participating in, and it makes me sad because I realized how involved I got my freshman year through my res hall,” said Homecoming chair Catherine Gangi.  “If you take advantage of Homecoming, students get so much out of it in the long run.  You get to make new friends, have new experiences, perform and compete against other people.”

Despite the change, the Homecoming Steering Committee selects the themes and the philanthropic event as well.

“This year we spent a lot of time and educating students about the good that [a K9 unit] could do for Whitewater,” HSC co-adviser Kim Clarksen said.

The project featured a Puppy Playdate on Tuesday, Oct. 22, where students could pay $1.50 to play with puppies on campus. The event raised $300 and donated $150 to each the K9 fund and the Rock County Humane Society.

“Since last spring, the community has been raising money, and they’ve got a ways to go yet, so anything we can to help them get a little closer is a good thing,” Clarksen said.

Although Homecoming has new components each year, it also is a celebration of tradition, including the production of variety show, parade and spirit rally. HSC Senior Samantha Pick who has been involved in Homecoming every year said it is one of her favorite times of the year.

“I think Homecoming is one of those times where you’re not put into a category of your class,” Pick said. “It’s about putting everyone together as a whole, as one big body and creating that bond we all have.”

The sense of community reaches farther than to just the students on campus.

“Students come back because it’s Homecoming,” Clarksen said. “We have people who return year after year, students who stay for the weekend who normally wouldn’t, because we have these fun events happening.”

Students can purchase Homecoming buttons and promotional items from HSC members during events. Students who present their buttons and Whitewater I.D. will receive free admission.