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Jitters serves mocktails, education

Nov. 6, 2013

By Katie Kane

When most people hear the word “roofies” or “date rape,” most minds probably go straight to an episode of Law and Order SVU.  Many are unaware of how many people are violated while under the influence each year and how often it goes unreported.Rivers

“I have never heard of anyone being drugged or taken advantage of at a party,” freshman Matt Rivers said.  “I know it happens, but I think most students like me never really believe it will happen to them or someone they know.”

Alcohol is the No. 1 drug used to facilitate a sexual assault on college campuses, According to facts provided by UHCS, . For rape that occurs on campus, alcohol is used in 90 percent of cases.

Rohypnol, also known as “roofies,” also is one of the top drugs used to facilitate sexual assault on college campuses along with others, such as GHB and Ketamine, which are very similar.   Rohypnol creates a relaxed and sleepy feeling that can last up to eight hours.  Rohypnol also can cause blackouts, disorientation, nausea, dizziness and difficulty with motor movements.Krentz

“It is hard to determine how many drug-facilitated sexual assaults are due to just Rohypnol because many people are drinking alcohol, and they may think that they just got drunk quickly,” said Amanda Krentz, UHCS wellness/AODA educator.

On Monday, Oct. 28, Jitters coffee lounge here on campus partnered with the RA’s of Wells Hall to promote alcohol and drug awareness by incorporating it into a Halloween Bash.

The Jitters Staff and many RAs from the building provided the famous Jitters blended drinks, music and games, such as water pong, and a costume contest.  The RAs also served ‘mocktails’ for students to enjoy.

Posters presenting facts about drugs and alcohol were put up around the lounge.  RAs also snuck skittles into students’ drinks to show how easy it is to not notice something being put in your drink.     Boyko

“I think everyone has heard of roofies before,” said sophomore Tegan Boyko, who attended the Jitters event.  “I have always been very cautious about that.  I don’t think most students are, though, which is sad because not being cautious really only puts one in a risky position.  Hopefully other students besides [myself] learned from [the event].  I thought the Skittles demonstration was a really good idea.”

The students were surprised by Officer Jeff Von Alven and Officer Dan Kuehl of the University Police later in the night when they ‘busted the party.’  The officers spoke to students about how abusing drugs and alcohol can be serious and have mental, physical, and financial consequences.Hawkins

“I feel that the students left with a better understanding about the consequences of underage drinking and how it will effect them financially and academically,” Wells West RA Stephen Hawkins said. “I think [the police officers] really had a great impact on the students who listened to them, and they seemed to learn a lot from the experience. “

Rohypnol is odorless, tasteless and colorless.  The drug can be added to any drink, even water.  People are encouraged to watch over their drinks.  If you realize your drink was left alone, throw it away.

If you suspect someone has ingested Rohypnol, take action by going to the hospital emergency center to have tests run.  The drug can stay in someone’s system for up to 60 hours.  Cases can be reported at any time.

Report any suspected abuse of Rohypnol to proper authorities in order to protect yourself and others from harm. It is a federal offense to administer any controlled substance to any person without their knowledge, with the intent of committing a crime.

For more infomation, contact UHCS at

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Jitters serves mocktails, education