Letter to the Editor: Students must focus on safety on St. Patrick’s Day

March 12, 2014

With Saint Patrick’s Day right around the corner, it is essential to keep in mind the different ways to stay safe if you are under the influence.  Many collegiate students have been involved in situations in which they or somebody they are with has drank too much, has gotten into a car with someone who has consumed too much alcohol, or has wandered off alone and away from their group.  Therefore, I would like to present a medley of tactics that would help people avoid any of these dangerous situations.

You should always stay with a group of friends and always designate a driver.  While females often are considered to be the only people at risk when walking alone, there have been situations that prove anyone can put themselves in danger by being alone.  Wisconsin has had quite a few incidents where men have been found dead after wandering alone away from the group. Whether it is the quarry in Whitewater or the river in La Crosse, these men have suffered the unimaginable with nobody there to bear witness. Investigations show that walking with a group greatly diminishes the chance of being caught in one of these situations.

Along with these very rare and deadly occurrences, a much more common problem has to do with drunk drivers behind the wheel.  By assigning someone to be the designated driver for the night, you are reducing the risk of getting into an alcohol-related crash.  Even if you have only had a few drinks and feel like it is safe for you to drive, you are putting your life, along with other people’s lives in danger.  At the very least, you could avoid a very costly and humiliating trip to jail.  This could result in losing your driving privileges and insurance, you could be forced to serve jail time along with potentially losing your job.  The designated driver will not only save you an expensive ticket, but maybe even your life.

In closing, if you follow our helpful hints, you should be celebrating many more Saint Patrick’s Days to come.

Thomas Henneberry