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Founded 1901

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Civilization: a product of education and experience

To begin, I must define the terms of discussion. Civilization refers to the quality of excellence in thought, manners and taste.

Civilization and culture, knowledge and values shared by society are closely related.

Education is  knowledge acquired by learning and instruction as well as the result of a good upbringing.

The previously mentioned definitions show a link between education and civilization.  Education conveys experience, an understanding of our world and how we should live in it.

Similarly, civilization is the quality of life, knowledge of how we act in society, using manners and

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intellectual thought to help create the standards of society.

These standards, palpable or not, mold our new generations.

Knowledge is passed from generation to generation. We do not rediscover fire every 10 years.  Knowledge or the process of attaining knowledge is what we call education, or the civilization of the human being.

On the premise of how civilized, educated people ought to act, we expect they will make well-informed decisions based on experience and knowledge.

Pilots have been tested on their knowledge and are trusted to make the best decision for their passengers based on experience.

Semi-truck drivers are licensed to drive such large vehicles because they have proven they are experienced enough to make quick and accurate decisions.

If you think semis or planes are large vehicles, try steering the state of Wisconsin.

To do so would take a serious education, showing the driver is able to make the best decision possible, keeping the people in mind.

After all, without people our state is nothing more than land.

We should expect those in power in our country, state and city will have a higher education, will be well rounded in their studies and ready for any situation.

Gov. Scott Walker is in charge in Wisconsin, though what test did he have to pass? NONE. What level of education has he acquired? Not even a bachelor’s degree.

His experience entails selling warranties at IBM, landing him a job in marketing and fundraising for the American Red Cross.

Do these really count as qualifications? Do we really want a person who seems to have most of his experience in sales running our state? He clearly doesn’t put much value on education for himself or others.

All the power players, the people who hold, or attempt to run for powerful positions ought to go through some sort of testing.

A proof of knowledge if you will, displaying the person has ethical standards, that they can and will make a decision best for the people.

Then they would be held accountable and we could hold them accountable for the decisions they make on behalf of us, the people.

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Founded 1901
Civilization: a product of education and experience