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The stories we’ll remember

panoramaMay 7, 2014

By Andrea Behling

I’d rather do anything than write this goodbye letter after four years at the Royal Purple.

I’ve cried over dozens of them since my freshman year—written by people that have become some of my closest friends—and I knew writing my own would be more difficult than words can explain.w

But the words I can find are ones that tell the stories of working in the basement office that felt like home to so many of us.

A rickety, beaten down couch held up by cinderblocks was the mainstay fixture of the office, perfect for late-night editing despite its questionable history. A wall of newsroom quotes hung proudly under a reversed clock, hilariously profane and wildly inappropriate. And who could forget the time a cardboard cut out of Jerome Bettis mysteriously appeared in the corner of the room?

While these aren’t the stories that helped us win awards, they’re the ones that help us remember what it’s like to work in a college newsroom, where so many of our hearts will forever hold ties.

Now following RP goodbye tradition, my intent was to give shout-outs to the people that I’ve met along the way. In my four-year history, there are way too many wonderful people to possibly mention them all, but here I shall try to find words for a few.

First, to my advisers who did more than was ever asked or expected of them:

-To Sam Martino, for showing me the importance of shoe-leather experience.
-To Kyle Geissler, for all of the doors you’ve opened for me.
-To Carol Terracina-Hartman, for always staying in my corner, even when the going gets tough.
-To Mike Doyle, for helping me find my passion for journalism in high school.

To a few of my elder editors, who I will forever look up to and always be indebted:

-Chris Kuhagen for taking a chance on a freshman and giving me my first job.
-Alyssa Skiba, for being my personal feature writing spirit animal and all-around wonderful human being.
-Michael Gouvion, for showing me the ropes and for making JoJo music cool again.
-Matt Gardner, for showing me how to write a sports story and helping me get a freelance gig. Stay constant, Gardner.
-Matt Knudson, for saving a spot in your heart for the RP, even years after graduation.
-Tim Gumz, for being an awesome photographer and hosting the best bonfires ever.
-Dennis Ottosen, for being the most laid-back guy I know, and having two of the cutest boys on the face of this earth.
-Cortni Brader, for always having a smile of your face and knocking down the wall between the two sides.
-Seth Anderson, for having the most epic confession in a goodbye letter in RP history.

To my fellow writers, section editors and photographers who have become some of my closest friends:

-Sam Jacquest, for making the paper better with your enthusiasm and energy, and also for becoming my best friend.
-Abbie Reetz, for being an absolute dynamo and the most good-hearted person I know.
-Carley Rymkus, for constantly filling the newsroom with laughter and also for helping me move those cabinets.
-Kevin Cunningham, for your great sports columns and for letting me call you Kevkins.
-Zach Hicks, for being the King, the Don, and a dedicated sports editor.
-Andrew Smith, for singlehandedly filling up the quote board with your every day color commentary.
-Dan Pomykalski, for being the best portrait photographer out there and having the sickest pompadour.
-Andrea Sidlauskas, for your uncontrollable laughter and helping make a good name for women in sports journalism.
-Lucas Wimmer, for cracking some of the funniest zingers and also for being a Bears fan.
-Ben Holzhueter, for saving my life once, being the best DJ and putting up with me saying your last name wrong. I’ll keep sounding it out.
-Brandon Feivor, for almost being open to the idea of a “Brandon is Boiling” column. AND SORRY FOR ALWAYS YELLING AT YOU IN ALL CAPS.
-Chris Johannsen, for being one of the only Packers fans I respect and for pretending to forget about stupid questions I ask in class.
-Jon Block, for having top notch facial expressions and stories.
-Janelle Hineman, for living in the office as much as I did, and doing more for the paper than was ever asked of you.
-Jake Bergstrom, for being the RP’s saving grace and keeping this Titanic of a paper afloat financially.
-Mike Riley and Alex Zamecnik for being absolute news hounds and telling the important stories.
-Amanda Ong and Abrielle Backhaus, for being two of the cutest, silliest girls I know.
-Josh Hafemeister, for saying yes to a no-paying job and going on to become an important member on staff.
-Rumasa Noor, for being such a fast-learner and adding structure to our business section.

I’ve come into contact with many more at the RP, but word counts are still a thing in print journalism.

I would not be the person I am today if it weren’t for all of these people and the experiences I’ve had working for the Royal Purple. It’s a chapter of my life I’m not quite ready to end, but one I will always revisit. Being a member on staff as a sports writer, lifestyle editor, managing editor, editor in chief and finally multimedia editor has been a privilege and an honor.

Whether it be taped up to the white bricks walls, lost between the couch cushions, or lying underneath edited papers in a wire basket—a piece of my heart with forever stay inside the Royal Purple office.

With a heavy heart, I say my final goodbye.

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