Jitters coffee house hosts local DJs


By Chris Clapper


Electronic dance music will soon be heard on UW- Whitewater campus.

On May 6, Andrew Eppen and Mark Jansky will be the resident disc jockeys in Jitters Coffee house, located in the Wells East.

“We are really trying to get the EDM (electronic dance music) scene more into UW- Whitewater because it’s something we really enjoy, and we want other people to enjoy it as well,” Eppen said.

Jitters is located in the heart of the Wells Towers and offers a wide variety of beverages students can enjoy while they dance and listen to the music.

Jitters comes equipped with speakers for the DJs to use, making it an optimal spot to hold the party, especially with the cost of equipment being so expensive.

“We bring our own DJ’ing equipment, lap tops and things like that, but they have their own speakers, which is really nice so it’s not really costing us much,” Jansky said.

With the semester winding down, the hosts want everyone to be able to let loose, have a good time and celebrate a good year, Eppen said.

The event has taken a while to schedule, but Eppen and Jansky said they remained persistent.

“We have been trying to get an event like this all year, but at least a month ago we reached out to Jitters and the event coordinator emailed me and asked to set up a meeting,” Eppen said.

Eppen and Jansky spent the next month advertising heavily.

Attempting to increase interest in the event, as well as spread the word about electronic dance music was their goal. The up-tempo beats are a good way to let loose and celebrate the end of the school year, Jansky said.

Each DJ has experience doing shows in Madison and Milwaukee, but this will be the first actual show they have done on campus.

“We just want to pack Jitters and dance away the stress of finals, but most importantly, we want to put on a great show and have people enjoy great Jitter’s drinks,” Eppen said.