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A new UW-Whitewater tradition worth beginning

Sept. 3 2014

Royal Purple Editorial Staff Opinion

A new Whitewater tradition has stirred into existence that promises to repeat itself in many years to come.

On September 2nd, a crowd of Warhawks—both new and returning—packed into the Kachel Field House to cheer on hip-hop star Bobby Ray Simmons—known by the stage name of B.o.B—in UW-Whitewater’s first attempt at a “Welcome Back Concert.”

This could turn into a recurring event UW-W students get to look forward to each year.

The project has been under consideration for several years, and it came to life for the first time this year. It’s a brilliant way of bringing Warhawks together at the beginning of the semester, helping the newest students understand the university’s welcoming atmosphere.

After over three months of summer vacation—which usually entails being away from campus—this concert could become a yearly event that gets Whitewater’s students back into the “groove” of things. It could help push them in the direction of being a part of the campus’s community.

Music is something that brings everyone together; everyone has a song or artist that touches them, so we all have that in common. This is why a concert is the perfect way to make the student body whole.

We can cheer, shout and dance like no one is watching because everyone else is doing it, too. People can forget about their differences through something they all share. A welcome back tradition provides an opportunity where  Warhawks can do exactly that. It is perfect way to make everyone feel like they’ve come home—not back to the stress of school, if just for one more night.

Every college student has been in that position before—that state of mixed excitement and terror as we set foot on campus grounds for the first time and think to ourselves, “This is my new life,” and sometimes it begins with a blend of attempts to fit in as well as we can.

The “Welcome Back Concert” along with several other events for the newest Warhawks, immerses freshmen in Whitewater’s community—makes them feel like they belong and have nothing to fear.

A welcoming gesture is sometimes all freshmen need to feel at home, and this concert could help with providing that.

Students were allowed tickets free of charge, which is a phenomenal deal considering how expensive admission can be otherwise. Attending a concert for a famous singer or band is sometimes impossible because of the fees.

If the “Welcome Back Concert” became a tradition, students would get the rare opportunity to see a singer they’re a fan of without that money-eating cost holding them back.

As college students, many of us can’t afford spending money on anything other than the necessities: books, supplies for our truck-load of classes, food. With all of those costs factored in, leisure activities that are expensive can be nearly impossible for some to attend.

This is where the “Welcome Back Concert” comes in and offers penniless college students the chance to see someone whose songs they only had the chance to rock out to at home—for free! It’s a “once in a lifetime” opportunity that those interested can enjoy without fretting over their empty pockets.

The concert is a huge advantage on those fronts.

It brings the student body together from the very start, and also works as a welcoming gesture to the freshmen unsure of whether or not they belong amongst this huge family of Warhawks.

Not only that, but the free charge to attend it is incredibly helpful for college kids battling for scraps to eat. They can enjoy a concert for free amongst all other fees college piles on.

If this tradition continues in the upcoming years, it will offer everyone one last “bang” to end the summer and start the semester anew.

The year has begun on a good note, and hopefully the same will continue in the future.

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A new UW-Whitewater tradition worth beginning