Packers back on track

Oct. 2, 2014 By Zuhayr Tahir

For only the second time in history, an NFL game went an entire 60 minutes without a single punt.

The Green Bay Packers won their second game of the season 38-17 against the Chicago Bears in a game that featured a combined 854 yards, 55 points and a lack of defense by both teams.

The Packers defense showed a playing style that reminds fans a lot of what they saw in 2011 and their bend don’t break mentality: give up a ton of yards but force turnovers. That was the case Sunday, when they gave up nearly 500 yards, but only allowed 17 points. It worked three years ago, so we can only hope it will work again.

Packers’ safety HaHa Clinton Dix did make a huge play right before the half when he kept Bears tight-end Martellus Bennett from crossing the goal line as the clock hit zero. This is the second straight week that he has made an impact. After failing to receive any safety help back in 2013, it is great to see Clinton-Dix continue to make plays each week.

On the offensive side of the ball, quarterback Aaron Rodgers proved he knew what he was talking about when he told everyone in Packer nation to R-E-L-A-X. They were phenomenal in all four quarters and moved the ball more efficiently than they did against the Detroit Lions.

Rodgers had the ball in his hands for most of the offensive snaps and led the Packers to six scores on seven drives.

To win a Super Bowl in today’s NFL, a team either needs an elite quarterback or an elite defense, and lucky for the Packers, they have the quarterback position covered.

Rodgers is no doubt the best quarterback in the league. His ability to move around in the pocket, throw on the run, and zip the ball into tight windows makes him more deadly than anyone in the league (yes, even Peyton Manning). If the defense can at least be average and continue to force turnovers, this team can beat anyone.

Randall Cobb, who called his play “embarrassing” last week, stepped up big. He tallied more than 100 yards and finally gave Rodgers a viable second option behind Jordy Nelson. Nelson has been the brightest spot on the offense so far and is leading the NFL with 459 receiving yards. The re-emergence of Cobb, however, is what makes this offense what they were against the Bears, and not what we saw against the Lions.

Oct. 2 marks the third straight game against an NFC North opponent for the Pack as they head back to Lambeau Field to play the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings (2-2) are fresh off a victory against the Atlanta Falcons and have a new starting quarterback in Teddy Bridgewater. With Adrian Peterson most likely not playing, it is a game that the Packers will be favored in and should win.