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Haute Hawks: Personal style creates a personal brand

Oct. 15, 2014

By Jordan Gittens

If there is anything you should believe in more than anything else, it is personal style. Having personal style means having a fashion sense of your own and not just being a carbon copy of every other person on the street.

Of course you can see people and think,“I really love that outfit!” and that’s fine. You can take inspiration from other people’s pieces as long as you make that piece your own. Copying an outfit from a magazine does not give you an amazing fashion sense. Seeing something, however, in a magazine, working off of it and making it your own does mean you do.

Your personal style should be an extension of your soul and personality because, like sophomore Savannah Bays said, “personal style shows uniqueness and allows people to express themselves.”

You always want to present the best version of yourself, and clothing is a giant part of that.

“First impressions are important, and your clothing can really represent how you want to be seen by other people,” junior Logan Peaslee said.

This is why people such as Rihanna and Kylie Jenner are becoming style icons. They have their own sense of style, and it is refreshing to see them wear things others may not like because they so strongly believe in what they are wearing. Kanye West, for example, has revolutionized male fashion in that sense.

Now, you may say, “I can’t afford to have an amazing fashion sense,” and that is where you are wrong. Having a great personal style and sense of fashion does not mean every piece of clothing in your closet is designer or costs you hundreds of dollars. It means you can see different pieces, no matter the price, and can put them together to create a stellar outfit.

Timeless pieces are necessary, however; a well-fitting suit or a little black dress can go far in making you look classy and timeless. More casual staple pieces are things such as a pair of classic blue jeans, a nice pair of black or brown boots and a pea coat. These items can go with so many different things and can really pull an outfit together.

Showing personal style every single day when you’re running between classes can be very easy. You can switch out your sweatpants for a pair of harem pants. They look sleeker and not as bulky, while providing the same warmth and ease that sweatpants do. Harem pants can be paired with combat boots and a cardigan or military jacket. You never want to pair harem pants with a pair of Skechers, however, because then you look like the 10 a.m. mall walkers. You also can swap your bulky winter jacket for a nice pea coat or a down coat. They offer the warmth those chunky jackets do without adding extra weight to your frame.

Ladies, it isn’t that difficult to swap your yoga pants for a pair of skinny jeans, T-shirt and jacket. It gives you a more polished look and looks as if you try every day, even if you literally just rolled out of bed, threw your hair up and left your room. Try picking your outfit the night before so you don’t have to spend as much time in the morning putting something together. This really shaves time off of your morning routine so you can get a few more minutes of beauty sleep.

Professors will take you more seriously if you don’t show up to class every day in sweatpants. Remember, college isn’t just for learning, you can network here to make connections in your field of choice. Same thing goes for guys, you don’t really have to worry about hair and make-up, so getting ready should be a lot easier for you.

Guys, never should you utter the words, “But girls have so many more things to wear.” You have just as many options. For example, you can take your everyday T-shirt and jean combination and throw a suit jacket on top of it, pair it with chukka boots and you’re ready to conquer the day. Layering a light sweater on top of a button down with rolled sleeves can really make you look more professional, especially if you pair it with dress shoes and dark jeans. Pea coats are your friend, because they can make almost any outfit look slightly classier. These are just a few of the options you have every day.

Personal style can get you far, because with it you are creating a brand for yourself. Your brand is everything, you should be unapologetic about it and able to yell to the world that you are proud of the choices you make every single day. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing with the rest of your life, you should know that you look the best you can every day.

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Haute Hawks: Personal style creates a personal brand