UW-W student contends WSG’s decision

Oct. 29 2014

I am writing to inform you of my concerns with the tobacco policy that our campus currently has.  I do not agree with it and I wish it would change.  Recently WSG made it clear that they were opposed to the new policy that was proposed to make UW-Whitewater a tobacco free campus because of “outdated” data among other things.  I don’t think WSG understands that a three year old data collection is actually very recent and most likely quite accurate.  It upsets me that my voice and many others weren’t heard in WSG’s decision.  What is really appalling is that the research that was presented showed that more students were in favor of a tobacco free campus than not it[sic] favor.  Allowing tobacco use on campus is a reflection of how our college values their students’ health.  At this point, it doesn’t seem like it matters at all.  Why should I have to walk to class and have someone’s disgusting smoke in my face?  I choose not to use tobacco, so why should I be punished for that?  I highly recommend that WSG thinks a little harder about their decision and actually takes into consideration the students that attend this school rather than their own personal feelings.  After all, that is what democracy is all about right?

– Jenna Otterholt