Alumna encourages students to vote for referendum

Oct. 29 2014

I commend the RP for covering the 2nd gubernatorial debate in the Oct. 22nd issue of the paper.  I was also pleased to see the strong editorial about being an informed voter.    I would like to remind voters about a local referendum which will also be on the ballot on November 4th.

As a UW-W alumna and a retired high school teacher, I hope students will consider voting YES on the Whitewater Unified School District referendum which you will find on the back of your ballot.  The purpose of this referendum is to renew existing tax levy authority.  This is a tax neutral proposition which is necessary to maintain strong programs, keep elementary class sizes at present levels, provide student support services, provide comprehensive instructional programs, maintain current co-curricular programs, maintain technology infrastructure, and maintain current facilities.  In other words, passing this referendum will help the school district keep its programs and campuses at the high level of excellence now provided for the elementary, middle school and high school students in Whitewater.

Please help us keep this high level of excellence by voting YES for the school referendum on November 4th.

– Marion Burrows
UW-Whitewater Alumna

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