WSG President addresses student tobacco policy vote

Dear Students,

Thank you for sharing your opinion.

For the past three years, WSG has been participating in addressing the issue of reducing tobacco use on campus. Members of WSG have volunteered numerous hours on committees and task forces to ascertain the best direction for campus on this issue.

While I admit tobacco use is detrimental to an individual’s health, it isn’t illegal and is a personal choice.

In order for me or WSG to infringe on those personal rights, we want balanced survey data, financial and safety implications to be clear.

Due to the fact the policy would impact all UW-Whitewater students, smokers or not.

Without clarity of those impacts, it would be irresponsible to support this significant of a change on campus and on personal rights.

I will continue to seek comprehensive and collaborative addressing of this issue, including continued support of those students wishing to quit using tobacco products as well as those seeking a positive responsible change.

– Nathan Perry
Whitewater Student Government President