UW-W students respond to WSG President’s explanation

Mr. Perry,

Thank you for the letter.

However, prohibiting tobacco use on campus preserves everyone’s right to breathe clean air and learn in an environment that supports health for both smokers and non-smokers.

In addition, there is no “right” to smoke under either state or federal law.

Using tobacco is a choice, not a right. Where is my “right” as a non-tobacco user in this situation?

Because I don’t use a product that accounts for more annual deaths than suicide, murder, HIV/AIDS, alcohol use, illegal drug use and motor vehicle injuries combined, I should be punished for that?
Unlike many other health issues, one person’s choice to use tobacco directly affects the health of others on a daily basis.

I believe WSG has been given sufficient evidence to support a tobacco-free policy.

There is a tremendous amount of data from our campus (and three year data is not old) and other campuses that show a tobacco-free campus works and is supported.

UHCS has great quitting resources for students, faculty, staff and furthermore, most tobacco users want to quit and a adopting a policy encourages them even more.

Thank you,

– Alison Skrobis and Jenna Otterholt