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Haute Hawks: Shoes can make or break an outfit

Nov. 5, 2014

By Jordan Gittens

You probably remember that one song released in 2006 titled “Shoes” by Liam Kyle Sullivan’s super sassy alter ego Kelly. If you can’t remember the song go to YouTube and find it. Prepare yourself for four minutes of unadulterated torture. As bad as the song is, however, it carries a great point: SHOES.

Shoes can make or break a single outfit, and it all depends on color, style and season.

When it comes to fall in Wisconsin, the weather fluctuates. You want to make sure you have enough shoes that allow you to face the weather every day without worrying about your feet being too cold or a pile of sweat forming in the bottom because you shouldn’t have worn those UGGS today, or any day.

This year we have seen a fluctuation of chunky heels, pointed-toe boots, kitten heels and bedazzled flats. They all have a place in your closet, but you must pair them with the correct outfit to show off their true potential.

For example, you should wear pointed-toe heels that come up to just under your knees with a modest skirt that meets the boots. This gives you a more modern, yet conservative, look perfect for the work place, especially if you’re a graduating senior looking to be taken seriously.

With this outfit, you can wear a turtle neck for a throwback vibe, the ‘90s are calling and are saying ‘Thank you for reviving me.’

Chunky heels give your outfits more of a retro look. This is ok, because that’s coming back too. The problem with chunky heels is they can be difficult to pull off especially if you don’t know what to pair them with. If you go retro, go all the way.

You’re going to want to pair these heels with colored tights or thigh-high socks, a shorter skirt and a shirt and jacket combination. This allows you to experiment with color blocking, but be careful as to not put clashing colors together.

Kitten heels are classic and needed in everyone’s lives. They give any outfit a sense of class without seeming stuck up. Kitten heels pair best with Audrey Hepburn-esque dresses. If you don’t like the look of kitten heels, try a pair of oxford heels. These say ‘Yes, I have class, but I can still rule the world.’ They pair fantastically with peplum dresses, pencil skirts and blazers. They are just what a woman in power needs.

Flats have taken a more regal feel this past year, as long as you look at flats by designers such as Michael Kors, Balenciaga and Louboutin. You want a pair that have jewels piled on top of each other to form beautiful-floral patterns.

Suede flats are also making a comeback, but be sure not to get these wet as water ruins the fabric; if you think you’re sad when your UGGS receive water damage, wait till you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on a pair of suede boots to watch them be ruined.

Flats pair well with cardigans and leggings as long as you wear the correct colors with them.

Shoes are essential, literally, ‘no shoes, no shirt, no service.’ So if you have to wear something make sure you’re wearing the very best, or at least what looks like the very best. Even Cinderella knows that shoe decisions can change your life.

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Haute Hawks: Shoes can make or break an outfit