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Haute Hawks: Military wear makes a comeback

Nov. 12, 2014

By Jordan Gittens

Hut! 2-3-4! Hut! 2-3-4! Werk! Not words that you usually see together, but in the past few years military style clothing has taken on a new life. The clothes our parents wore in the late ‘80s and ‘90s are making a comeback and grunge is becoming the new prep.

Pulling off a grunge style is extremely difficult if you don’t have the exact right look.

You have to be OK with looking somewhat dirty and unpresentable to half of the world, however if you pull this look off, you will go from homeless-chic to “I spent $200 dollars on these jeans to make me look homeless” and that’s okay. Humble bragging is the new and chic thing to do.

The perfect way to pull this look off is with a green military jacket, some of the best ones can be found at H&M and Urban Outfitters. Pair the jacket with combat boots or chunky heels and leggings, and a loose tee. You’ll leave your house looking like a rock star.

If you want to go for the full grunge look, heavy eyeliner with straggly (yet clean) hair and bandanas pull this sloppy, yet perfect look together. Make sure you don’t wear this look with flare or boot cut jeans, it ruins the entire look.

If you’d like to revamp your wardrobe with a more military style but don’t think you can quite pull off the grunge look, try going with more structured and modest pieces.

Pencil skirts that come just above or below the knee with a slit in the front that runs about four to five inches from the hem do this perfectly. They give you a professional look while keeping your closet modern.

These should be paired with a sensible yet adorable heel, such as an ankle boot or a pair of suede oxfords.

To make an emphasis on the military style, go for beiges, olive greens and navy blues. Layer with a structured pea coat and a pair of leather gloves for that Serena Van Der Woodsen look.

When it comes to a shirt for these skirts you may want to pick a lighter fabric such as silk or cotton; button-down blouses that can be tucked into your skirt work best. Look for blouses that carry little details such as a camouflage pocket or a patterned lining. They can either be buttoned all the way up for a more professional look or you can unbutton the first two to three buttons for a more relaxed look.

The military look is making a huge comeback for men.

You must be careful, however, because just throwing on a camouflage shirt and jeans is no longer the way to go. Guys, the grunge look isn’t always going to work for you, instead you want more of a put together look. Camouflage jeans, vests, suit jackets and blue and grey blazers are the way to go this season.

When it comes to your jeans, you want to roll them up three times at about half an inch every time, or you can roll them up just once, but at least an inch high. This shows off the shoes that you should be proud of, which shouldn’t just be a pair of sneakers. You want to pair camouflaged pants with a pair of loafers or ankle boots. This makes you stand out far more than the average man.

If you are going to wear camouflage boots, you cannot wear a camo suit jacket. You need to wear one that is either a navy blue or grey. Wear a buttoned-down shirt that is tucked in and a belt that pulls the entire outfit together, and you will find that you have pulled off a Chuck Bass meets boot camp aesthetic.

For colder weather, switch the blazer or suit jacket out for a military style parka. Just remember, make your outfit sharp, or you’ll begin to look lazy.

Remember ladies and gentlemen, your essentials this fall and upcoming winter should place a heavy emphasis on smart blazers, sharp jackets and crisp pants.

The more polished you look every day the greater impression you will leave on each person you meet.

With military style clothing you’ll be able to show the world that you’re either fashion forward, or you know how to look professional depending on the direction you take.

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Haute Hawks: Military wear makes a comeback