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Haute Hawks: California winters translate to UW-Whitewater

Nov. 19, 2014

By Jordan Gittens

Katy Perry was more than correct when she said, “California girls, they’re unforgettable,” yet so wrong when she said, “Daisy dukes, bikinis on top.”

When I ventured out to the West Coast two weekends ago it was a comfortable – and beautiful – 73 degrees the entire weekend.

While I was ready to throw on shorts and tee shirts, the residents of the beautiful state of California were throwing on their cardigans, jackets and jeans.

While their outfits were unnecessary for the weather, they showed me how to perfectly make outfits for the warmer winter weather.

Long puffer coats have become a thing and it’s not okay. Girls have begun walking around looking like snowmen with eight extra sections.

There are so many other alternatives to this heinous fashion crime, such as leather jackets, pea coats and the always handy -dandy parka and sweatshirt combinations.

To be able to work the parka and sweatshirt look you must wear jeans that are able to tuck into a pair of shoes, so in other words, skinny jeans. If you don’t do this you begin to look lazy and chunky, and that is something that no one wants.

If you wear a full black outfit with a beanie, the only pop of color you need is the jacket, which can be any color you want.

If you don’t like the idea of the sweatshirt, try wearing a long sleeved tee with a scarf tucked into the top of the parka. Zip the jacket to the bottom of scarf and it will give your outfit a much classier look.

You can do the same scarf trick with a pea coat, or even use a long scarf that you don’t tie whatsoever. Leave it hanging on your neck and you are able to go for the perfect Chuck Bass look.

Pair this pea coat with a pair of jeans and boots and you will be able to rock it out for the entire season. Pea coats are timeless, as long as you get one that goes with everything. Go for beige, grey or black, and you will be able to wear them with any outfit.

Leather jackets give you the perfect “don’t-mess-with-me look.”

You can either go for the biker look or the jockey look.

For the biker look you’ll need a looser jacket and combat boots paired with a pair of skinny jeans, and, if you want to give it a more feminine look, a loose blouse.

You can pair it with a sweatshirt if you don’t feel warm enough. Most leather jackets are slimming, so you won’t have to worry about them making you chunkier.

For the jockey look you’ll want to pair that leather jacket with a pair of riding boots that are the same color as your jacket.

A pair of skinny jeans and a sweater will work perfectly with this. Pair it with an infinity scarf to fight the colder weather. Let the scarf be patterned and the sweater be one color, such as maroon if you’re wearing brown boots and a brown jacket. This lets each piece speak for itself while simultaneously working together.

While Californians may not know what real cold is, they can really show us how to combat this frigid weather while still looking flawless.

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Haute Hawks: California winters translate to UW-Whitewater