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Q & A with Steve Egan

Feb. 7, 2015 By Alex Calles

Steve Egan is the man in the middle for the Warhawk Men’s basketball team. He and his teammates are trying to repeat as Division-III champions, and going for three in the past four years. But like many students, he has his own opinion on professional sports and plays video games like the rest of us.

RP: For you, what is the key to beating Eau Claire on Saturday?

Egan: We have to come out prepared. When we went to Eau Claire, we came out slow, lackadaisical and just didn’t look like we were ready to play. The main thing is to have a good practice, be prepared, know what their tendencies are and then play day defense, as always. That’s the key.

RP: How does this team compare to last years’ championship team?

Egan: We have a lot of returners, four of us seniors, three of us have won championships before. We know what it takes, we know what we need to do. Our will to win; we really want it. We had a taste of it in the past and we want some more.

RP: If you could rank the top five NBA players, right now, who are they?


1.     Steph Curry, Golden State Warriors

2.     James Harden, Houston Rockets

3.     LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers

4.     LaMarcus Aldridge, Portland Blazers

5.     Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder

RP: Why is Kobe Bryant your favorite basketball player?

Egan: Oh man. I grew up watching him. My older brother watch more of Michael Jordan than I got to and after Jordan was towards the end of his career, he saw Kobe and liked what he saw. My brother is a big trash talker, and he liked Kobe because of that. I started to watch the Lakers when they were good. Kobe was doing some things that no one else has ever done. Ultimately, just the way he plays the game and because of my brother.

RP: What do you do in your free time?

Egan: Play a lot of 2K. I like to go over to my friend’s house and beat them in 2K a lot. Also, I study quite a bit. Trying to get ahead of my studies before the tournament comes up because when that starts we could be traveling all over. Especially, if we make the championship.

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Q & A with Steve Egan