Royal Reviews: ‘Maybe Someday’ book review


Every once in a while, I like to pick up a book that seems to be somewhat of a mindless read. Because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, this round’s pick was “Maybe Someday” by Colleen Hoover, which depicts the aftermath of a college student’s breakup.

Review by Hilary Igl Staff Writer
Review by Hilary Igl
Staff Writer

Initially, I was under the impression there wouldn’t be many literary dynamics to the novel, just a simple story of how a girl breaks up with her boyfriend and continues to find true love with someone else. The difference with “Maybe Someday” is that there is character development and an unusually interesting plot line combined with a breakup and the start of a new relationship.

Sydney is a 22-year-old music education student. She supports herself through college because her parents refuse to give her financial help unless she changes her major to pre-law. Her life seems fairly normal until she finds out on her 22nd birthday her boyfriend, Hunter, is cheating on her.

Her neighbor, Ridge, quickly becomes her knight in shining armor when he offers her a couch to crash on until she can make other arrangements. Staying a night or two turns into Sydney becoming roommates with Ridge and his friends Warren and Bridgette. Sydney never imagined that she would become friends, let alone roommates, with her mysterious guitar-playing neighbor.

As the novel progresses, Ridge and Sydney become very close. They begin to write music together for Ridge’s band Sounds of Cedar. The more they write together, the more they learn about each others’ backgrounds.

While a handful of the characters show some character development, Sydney was fairly inactive throughout the novel. In the beginning, she is frustrated because Hunter always asks her to get him beer and make him food. While she doesn’t want to be a stereotypical female, she doesn’t do anything throughout the novel to reject that classification.

Warren was my favorite character. He always added humor, stayed true to his friends and added depth to the difficult situations during the climax of the story.  I especially enjoyed the humorous relationship  he and Bridgette had. They never seemed to be able to figure each other out.

Unfortunately, the last couple chapters didn’t fit with the rest of the story. It gets heated between two of the characters, but it seemed out of place because the rest of the book doesn’t include anything as intimate.

An interesting dynamic of this book was it came with audio tracks of the songs that Sydney and Ridge wrote together. The songs aren’t something I would listen to everyday, but having that extra interactive feature made the book more intriguing.

Although the ending didn’t really fit my taste, “Maybe Someday” was worth reading for the interesting relationship dynamics, unforeseen plot twists and the audio tracks that came with the book.

 4 out of 5 stars.