Letter to the Editor: RP reader responds to copy editor column

Feb. 25, 2015

Boo-Hoo Justin Schultz! So you had a bad roommate, but why am I reading this “Facebook Status,” of a…well…to be honest, I do not have the slightest clue what this is. I read the Royal Purple to get news about what is going on with the school amongst other things that are relevant to UW-W students. But can anyone tell me what Schultz’s “Bad Luck with an Inconsiderate Roommate,” was? Why is this worthy of being in a school newspaper? Just because it is about a college roommate (a seemingly relatable subject) does not mean I want to hear someone complain as if they were just diagnosed with a terminal disease. If I want to hear someone complaining about something so trivial, I can follow a Kardashian on Twitter.

Let’s break this down so I do not come off as whiny as the article. He starts off by mentioning that he has just “horrible luck.” This is all due to his apparent hag of a roommate. Before he goes into his annoying rant, he mentions that his roommate is actually a nice guy and not mean at all. Then he makes a couple bad jokes comparing the “list” of things he does wrong and equates them to the height of, “Mt. Kilimanjaro.” I DO think the irony of this is funny. The fact that he talks about his roommate as being a man with no “common courtesy,” and “he could care less,” meanwhile he goes on a horrendously rude rant about someone in a public newspaper that is given out free across the campus. Who here is really the bad roommate?

Schultz went on to claim that he is, “awesome,” and that, “no one should have to endure the suffering he is being forced to.” That is right…the writer wrote about himself as being “awesome.” Normally I would feel bad about being mean and trashing somebody’s work. However, he devoted an entire article to a complaint about a very hairy, somewhat annoying, and partially lazy roommate. Get over it.

Connor Novack
Social Work Major