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Letter to the Editor: Student supports Staggs and Zamecnik for WSG

March 11, 2015

From high school best friends to student leaders on the UW-Whitewater campus, Savana Staggs and Alexandria Zamecnik have exemplified what it means to be exceptional individuals.

Both have been involved with the Whitewater Student Government for years and have contributed more to the mission of the organization than anyone else running to for President & Vice President of WSG.

Ms. Staggs currently serves as the Public Relations Director for WSG, striving to broadcast the positive contributions the organization has contributed to the UW-W campus. Before that, Ms. Staggs was a senator on the WSG senate.

Ms. Zamecnik has been a Senator, Parliamentarian, and currently Clerk of WSG, showing her commitment to furthering the interests of students on campus and dedication to making this community a better place to live and learn.

Outside of WSG, both individuals currently work for the Royal Purple Newspaper, aiming to continue transparency and the open flow of information within this institution.

As WSG President and Vice President, Ms. Staggs and Ms. Zamecnik will work relentlessly to make sure the UW-Whitewater student body is represented fairly.

They are the only slate in this race to reach out to speak to both the UW-Whitewater College Democrats and College Republicans. As a political science student on this campus, it thrills me to see Staggs and Zamecnik attempt to bridge the gap of partisanship organizations and make this campus more united in the midst of the negative political climate currently in the state of Wisconsin.

In addition, their platform for what they would like to accomplish sets them apart from any other candidates in this race.

Working with SUFAC and the WSG Senate to create a single-digit increase in the upcoming SUFAC budget shows their commitment to keeping student fees, which is incorporated into every student’s tuition bill, as low as possible. Rising student fees will make tuition higher for each student, and Staggs and Zamecnik are dedicated to keeping those costs as low as possible.

Staggs and Zamecnik’s original idea to have a Presidential Forum, where each leader of a student organization, Greek organization, and every other leader in between will allow them the chance to address their problems with UW-Whitewater to WSG in a formal, constructive setting.

An open flow of communication is necessary in bettering the campus, and Staggs and Zamecnik continue their commitment to this idea by wanting to publish student evaluations of professors. Each student paying to attend this university should be entitled to know how their professors teach in the classroom, and this initiative will allow for that idea to become reality.

Instead of wasting time on projects that are outdated and projects that will increase meal plan prices, Staggs and Zamecnik will creative innovative solutions to problems facing UW-Whitewater.

All in all, Savana Staggs and Alexandria Zamecnik are the right choice to represent the student body as the next WSG President and Vice President.

Jonathan Fera
Communication Major

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Founded 1901
Letter to the Editor: Student supports Staggs and Zamecnik for WSG