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Spring Splash livens up Whitewater


April 22, 2015

For a Wisconsinite, not much beats day-drinking.

So when Spring Splash came around last weekend, I was among the smiling Badger folk.

Waking up in the morning and cracking open a beer instead of orange juice is a nice change of pace, so I was pretty excited to start the celebration.

Overall, I had a great time. I went out with my friends and enjoyed alcohol and sunshine with the majority of Whitewater’s campus.

And although I had a great time, I witnessed a few things that made little sense to me.

At a particular house party, there were “bouncers” carding students.

And while that’s all well and good, they did a terrible job of actually doing their job.

Justin SchultzWEB
Commentary by
Justin Schultz
Copy Editor

I saw someone who I knew for a fact wasn’t 21 get turned away from the party.

Within seconds after that, I saw the bouncer let in two 19-year-old girls who I recognized from a previous class and knew they owned fake IDs.

The bouncers didn’t even ID them. They just let them slide by.

So my question is this; why did my friend get turned away when these other two girls didn’t?

If you’re going to let underagers in, let all of them in.

If not, they don’t let any of them in. Don’t just pick and choose.

So, after I realized that that particular house party was about as lame as Obama’s term in office, I went off to find a better party, and I soon did.

This place was packed with good music and good people, other than the ones spilling beer off the roof.

But I guess idiots will act like idiots, right?

Did I mention that those same idiots were throwing beer bottles off the roof as well?

I’m surprised the cops didn’t come to break up the party, to be honest.

After I drank my fill, I was ready to call it a day, and despite my friends pleading with me to keep drinking, I went home.

I passed stumbling kids my entire walk home and saw two or three vomiting in some bushes, but I made it home without incident.

For me, Spring Splash was a success, so I’d like to thank whoever put it together to give me an excuse to day drink outside. I appreciate it.

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Founded 1901
Spring Splash livens up Whitewater