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Do It Yourself: Newspaper Gift Bag

April 22, 2015

By Kelli Viele

It’s Earth Week and we can all strive to minimize our waste by reusing old items that we are finished with. Instead of recycling the Royal Purple, reuse the newspaper by making a custom, handmade gift bag.

This project does not need to cost you anything as all materials can be found around the house. The following materials are needed to make your bag: a newspaper, any size box, scissors, clear tape or glue, ruler, pencil, hole puncher and string or yarn. The size of the box you choose will be what size your bag will turn out to be.

Happy crafting!

Step One


Put two pages of newspaper together. Place the box on top of the newspaper in the center. Leave one inch of space at the bottom of the newspaper to where the bottom of your box is placed.

Measure two inches from top of the box and cut a horizontal straight line through both pieces of newspaper where the two inch mark is located. Using a ruler will help create a straight line that is easy to follow when cutting. On one of the long edges, fold the two pages over half  an inch and tape. This will be the top part of your bag.

Step Two


Wrap your box just like wrapping a birthday present. Make sure to have enough newspaper at the bottom of the box because you want enough base paper so that it overlaps to make it as sturdy as possible. Remember the long side with the fold from step two is the top of the bag and has to be left open.

Make sure that the bottom of your bag is taped very well so that it does not break open when you put your gift in. I recommend keeping the guide box inside the newspaper while you are working so your bag does not get bent or crinkled. The box will help the bag keep its shape.

Step Three


On both sides of the bag measure two holes where you would like your handles to be. Punch your holes and thread your yarn ends through. You can make your handles as long or short as you like, just so they are the same size. My yarn handles were 12 inches long. They need to be long enough so you can knot the ends after threading them through the holes to secure it.

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Do It Yourself: Newspaper Gift Bag