Post-graduation career facts and options

May 6, 2015

Congratulations! You’ve graduated! But wait a second, school’s over! This is not an uncommon reaction that most students have upon graduation. The one thing that has been ingrained in your mind by your parents is to find a job; it’s above everything else such as buying a nice car or traveling for a vacation.

Signe Trewyn
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Signe Trewyn
Assistant Opinion Editor

It is known that it is a great boost to be hired before the graduation ceremony even begins.

Most of us are not that lucky. Only 44 percent of employers planned to hire college graduates in 2010, according to USA Today.

You spend so much money on classes and spent so many hours a week in class and learned so much, it’s finally time to put some knowledge to use. That was the whole goal of going to college in the first place.

One statistic that you do not want to be a part of is the 10.9 million people who are unemployed American college graduates, according to government figures at

It’s sometimes difficult to find a decent job, since it is hard to know where to find the best job.

A great option is to work as a library monitor, and this job includes supervision of study spaces for students as well as working at the circulation desk and assisting with checking out books at the library, according to

Unfortunately, for most jobs, there can be a large amount of competition since you are not the only college graduate on the planet searching for a decent paying job. Even finding a job on campus can be daunting, with all other graduates looking for a chance at a simple job a long with the new students in town.

The other thing to consider about getting a job after college is remembering the friends you made while being at school. For instance, professors and people you worked with at your student organizations since those people will most likely have nothing but positive things to say.

Specifically, the professors you made friends with while having a great class together or those individuals who helped you proofread your resume. Those individuals are important to list in your references. Simply because they are the ones who will land you a phone call from the place you applied to.

Do not forget the work you have done while at your student organizations since that can be used as a great example to show employers. Take this advice from someone who has worked at the radio station  for most for  most of their college career, air checks make great items for a portfolio.

Whatever method you choose to find a job, and no matter what decision you make after you graduate, just make sure you make a solid decision to be productive and stay out of trouble.

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