Graduate Goodbyes: The lessons learned and the memories made will stay forever

May 6, 2015

When I first walked into the Royal Purple office, I did not know what to expect. I was excited because I was finally getting the opportunity to pursue my dream career as a journalist. As an extremely shy, and at times a socially anxious person, I was nervous because I did not know most people at the office. But when I walked in, several people made me feel welcomed.

Rumasa Noor
Commentary by
Rumasa Noor
Biz & Tech Editor

Soon after, I realized this is the best place I could possibly work at.

From the free usage of profanities to the freedom of wearing sweatpants, this place made me fall in love with it, and that love is still strong.

Apart from having the appreciation for its unconventional environment, what I loved the most about the Royal Purple is the work.

Having the liberty to handle my own section the way I want is the best thing in the whole world. Being responsible for the content and part of the creativity on the page made me push myself more and more each week to do better. Despite considering myself as the least visually creative person ever, I fell in love with the design part of my job and have developed at least some sense of, and a lot of appreciation for, visual creativity through working here.

Out of all the great things, the biggest favor the Royal Purple has done for me is boosting my confidence. I have transitioned from being a socially awkward person who was afraid to talk to people, to a much more confident individual who can now almost always start a conversation with a stranger.

I had my fair share of ups and downs at Whitewater and at the Royal Purple, but at the end of the day, I love this place. The memories I made here will stay with me forever.

Before I end this letter, I want to thank former Editor in Chief Andrea Behling for hiring me and allowing me a chance to work at this wonderful organization. I also want to thank the current management, particularly Michael Riley, for letting me explore my creativity.

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