Emissions scandal harms environment

Oct. 13, 2015

Volkswagen used software so its vehicles would not emit illegal emissions during emissions testing. Worse still, the cars are emitting gasses nearly 40 percent past the legal limit.

Two engineers are at fault for their actions: Audi R&D chief Ulrich Hackenberg, and Porsche R&D chief Wolfgang Hatz, reported William Boston in the Wall Street Journal.

Commentary by Signe Trewyn Staff Writer
Commentary by Signe Trewyn Staff Writer

The article showed a chart of the distribution of Volkswagen models throughout the world, and China and Europe were on top.

Volkswagen ended up admitting to this crime and said 11 million cars were affected by this issue, according to Volkswagen. This dishonesty has been going on since the year 2008, according to William Boston.

The ethical thing for Volkswagen to do would be to recall the cars so further work can be done to resolve the defect. I often hear about hundreds upon hundreds of Toyotas being recalled because of a defect since that is the right thing to do to avoid scandals such as this one. Recalling vehicles would put less harmful gasses in the atmosphere.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said Volkswagen rigged about 482,000 diesel cars to pass emission tests even though the cars discharged emissions in a much greater volume, according to USA Today.

Emissions clutter the air we breathe everyday as well as the air of our children, grandparents and beloved pets.

It is also important to remember expelling fossil fuels into the atmosphere can lead to climate change when carbon dioxide is released, according to www3.epa.gov. This is the reason why Volkswagen needs to change their ways so that our precious environment does not suffer.

When you watch programs on Planet Earth or the environment in general, you are looking at one planet and that is all we as a global society have. Volkswagen needs to recall its cars so the environment can benefit.

Fewer gas-emitting cars will put an end to climate change so the many polar bears and penguins of the Arctic can have a place to call home without having to watch it melt away.

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