PL&H: Fall movie list

PL&H: Fall movie list

By Alexandria Goodwin-Salas

Oct. 14, 2015


Hello all! Grab your blankets and pop some corn because this week I’m giving you a list of autumn themed movies. Grab a friend to watch the scary, creepy movies in the dark because being alone is no fun.

Now I’ll be honest with you I’m not a huge fan of jump-scare movies, I like the mind benders so some of these come recommended from a few close friends. And the best part is, most of these movies are on Netflix!

Watch at your own risk:

  • Shrooms
  • Oculus
  • Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd, really any Tim Burton movies they are quite wonderful.
  • The Perfect Host
  • Scream, all four please.
  • Sorority Row
  • Halloween, how many did they make again?
  • American Psycho, you have to go classic sometimes.
  • Chucky, though even I won’t watch this one, dolls are creepy.
  • The Woman in Black
  • Strangers
  • Silence of the Lambs
  • Stephen King anything. Any Cujo fans out there? Pet Cemetery? Children of the Corn? The Shining? No, just me? Okay.
  • Amityville Horror, I suggest the Ryan Reynolds one because who doesn’t like him, am I right ladies?


I know this blog was a little different than my usual autumn blogs, but let’s face it we can’t be girly all the time. So, have fun and remember to be safe this Halloween because this is the time when the ghosts and the crazies come out.